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The smartest way to free up cash flow in your business right now.

I help you obtain the best rate and terms in the market. In addition, I remove the headaches, hassles, and heartburn of the loan process by leveraging my decades of banking experience.

After spending decades in the banking industry, I help business clients obtain loans at the best rate and terms in the market, saving them on average 0.5%-2% on the interest rate and up to 1% on the bank origination fee. This results in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in savings per month/year.

I leverage my relationships with Senior and Executive bank leaders at a host of banks. I help you obtain multiple terms sheets and then work with you and the bank through the approval process, commitment letter, and loan closing.

I review all the loan documents to make sure you are not agreeing to any egregious prepayment penalties or one-sided loan default language. Lastly, I make an otherwise bumpy loan process, smooth.

I not only help you get the loan, but more importantly, I help advise you on deploying the capital into your business to maximize earnings.

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Our initial call lasts between 30-45 minutes. You do the talking, and I do the listening. I want to hear about your situation. There is no obligation, we are just trying to find out if we are a good fit, and if you need my help.

Loan Consulting Services

Every organization has unique funding needs and cash-flow challenges. I have years of experience working with thousands of companies across a range of industries, all with varying financial needs. I will work with you 1-on-1 to understand your specific requirements and facilitate funding best-suited for your business.

Business Loans

I help you get a loan at the best rate and terms in the market. I will be there to guide you through the application process, make sure you get funded, and offer proven financial strategies to then deploy the capital into your business.

Business Direction

As a finance expert, I help you unlock hidden cash flow and working capital. Further, I will advise you on the best outlay of funds for your unique needs and business goals. 

Online Community 

All clients gain access to our online community and weekly roundtable calls. We help you build relationships with other business owners, creating opportunities for support and new business opportunities.

Banking Case Study:

Working Capital Where and When you Need it

Challenge: Mike and Tyler have a mid-7-figure business, and their balance sheet was “out of balance” and they didn’t know how to fix it.

They were starved for cash. They had maxed out their lines of credit, A/R and A/P were not being managed efficiently, and they needed to recalibrate their financial statements and return to profitability.

Everything ate their cash:

  • Monthly debt payments ate their cash
  • The COVID-19 pandemic ate their cash
  • Growth ate their cash.
Solution: They went through my Profit Finder Program and learned to create consistent cash flow and take a decent paycheck. I helped them obtain additional working capital (loans), and build an operating budget.
Result: Their balance sheet and P&L are in the best shape in years.  They no longer have high balances on their credit cards, lines of credit, or Accounts Payable.  They are in a strong cash position and well-prepared for the year ahead.
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